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Hempex Bondage Rope 30' Rope Samples

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Hempex Bondage Rope 30' Rope Samples
Because of the natural look and feel, Hempex® is often used as a synthetic alternative to Hemp or Jute rope. This rope has a breaking strength of over 1000lb, and does not lose any of its strength or flexibility in water. Unlike natural fibers, your knots won't seize when wet, making it ideal for water bondage.

Our standard sample pack contains a small piece of natural single-ply jute, natural hemp, bamboo silk, color hemp, and color single-ply jute in one of our popular colors.

If you are interested in a specific color, please leave us a note during checkout and we will do our best to send it.

You only need to pay shipping and handling!

De Giotto Bondage Rope Oil Hemp Bondage Rope Bare bones Kit 4x30'

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De Giotto Bondage Rope Oil Hemp Bondage Rope Bare bones Kit 4x30'
Does your rope need a refresher? De Giotto Rope Oil is a blend of stable natural oils that will restore the luster and life to your rope. Hemp is a natural fiber and will become brittle over time. Immediately after washing, or if your rope starts creating dust when you tie, you should add a light coating of oil to your ropes. 2 oz of oil should oil about 800 ft of rope.

To give you products with the very finest ingredients, we're now using a more refined jojoba oil that is clear instead of yellow.

Reformulated to contain NO palm oil
Four 30' ropes at kit prices

-4 30' ropes
Spooled Hemp Bondage Rope 300' Ready to use Hemp Bondage Rope 30'

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Spooled Hemp Bondage Rope 300' Ready to use Hemp Bondage Rope 30'
Click here for a great DEAL on spools of 5.5mm natural hemp

300+ feet of our quality hemp. Ready for cutting. Ready for tying, this rope is polished and oiled.
All our spooled rope is 6 mm and laid by hand.

These ropes come in a coil bound with a zip tie, as seen in the photo.
30 foot hemp bondage rope.  Conditioned, oiled and finished with whippings of a matching color.

Japanese-inspired selection of bondage ropes for sale

Are you exploring the ways of adding zest to your relationships with ties and submission practices? Or are you into learning Shibari? Either way, you may want to buy bondage rope first. Get your hands on the best one at deGiotto Rope!
Our collections include high-quality ropes for traditional bondage, floor Shibari, and even suspensions for experienced couples. We produce them from natural materials and nylon, making sure all body types and genders can safely use them. So, whether you’re a beginner or someone who already knows the ropes, deGiotto Rope has just the thing for you and your partner.

Spice it up with the finest Shibari rope for bondage

We do care about your Shibari experience. To prove that, we offer a variety of bondage ropes so that everyone can find one that resonates with their needs. Take a look at our catalog and choose from:

  • Jute, bamboo silk, and Shibari hemp ropes for sale. These options are considered best for Japanese bondage. They all have excellent tooth and clean lines, but there are some differences. For example, hemp ropes are the strongest, while jute is noted for unmatched smoothness.
  • Various colors and spools. Bring vibrancy to your bedroom play. Our products are available in a rainbow of colors to enhance tactile sensations with a visual appeal. Also, you can buy Shibari rope as a spool to save a pretty penny.
  • Hardware and rope care products. We have all the essentials you might need to master suspensions, including carabiners, swivels, and safety shears. Don’t forget to add an oil or butter coating to your rope for a smoother in-air experience.

Stop by the deGiotto Rope store to have the best Shibari accessories at hand. We can ship our ropes, kits, and other products worldwide so that more couples can revel in the physical and emotional pleasure of bondage!